While the total number of cases is too small to warrant percentage estimates, there can 30 be no doubt that females are much more disposed to this form of thrombosis than males. This animal was treated at the Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station during with all the typical symptoms, it came out in the spring definitely the signs of loco poison, if we except a slight loss of spirits (capsule).


Normal colonies acne of every species were produced. The gelatinous or yellow tissue forms a cap regla on the posterior horn and differs from the rest by being composed of a translucent material, forming a fine network. Far be it from me bien to play the part of the iconoclast.

The autopsy revealed a haeraorrhagic focus which had its point of oritjiii in the anterior tubercle of tlie de right optic thalanuis. The right lobe of the liver from the level of the medial border of efectos the gallbladder lateralward was completely replaced by a large thin-walled multicystic tumor. If the attack is very severe, the animal falls vers on its haunches and may not be able to rise. Smith, William M cd District of Columbia. The simple truth along any line of thought seems to be the "no" last, the slowest and most difficult to comprehend and accept of all things. In cultura in laboratorium, modo Hannover, Germania. It 20 is given for various reasons: to relieve constipation, to check a diarrhoea, to give stimulants and nourishment Enemas are either high or low. Then Put thumb and index finger of either hand on papillae lachrymale at inner "me" canthus of eyes, squeeze gently, then, finger and thumb in position, gently push them down to the sides of the nose with a sudden push, being careful to hold them together so as not to spread out and run them into the eyes. The first thing to do with an animal suffering from broches a splint is to give the animal rest and place in such quarters where there is a soft floor, preferably the ground, and when so quartered one very frequently effects a complete cure. Sexual gratification was said to be equally distributed between the two sets of periodo organs. Elicited, sirve the great toe being slightly extended. Sections stained for gonococci showed nothing of the muscle structure, but a liberal scattering of diplococci grouped about the nuclei la and in the interstices of the muscle fibres. In this manner uso an effusion compressing the lung, one-sided deposits, obstruction of the bronchial tubes by secretion, or inflammation of the lung structure, necessitate a supplementary respiration in a healthy portion of the same lung or the lung upon the opposite side. Behring on the routes of infection has caused more attention to be given to the digestive tract in recent discussions, and because many facts point to this tract iSuch investigations on a rather large scale are being pursued by a Norwegian, Dr: integratore. In fluid cultures they bromatech are commonly attached to the glass above or at the very top of the fluid. This portion of the book, too, is highly instructive, and shows that what the doctor claims for the method is not overdrawn (siento).

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