Jones's thesis for the degree of "name" Doctor at Paris is worthy of more attention than the ordinary run of exercises.

The water source is a large spring situated within the city limits, independent of local rainfall, unfailing, and yielding water having a small percentage of organic mattei and of a moderate degree of hardness, and shown by analysis to contain less than ten for grains per gallon of dry solids in suspension or solution.


Physicians high rarely make the best of their opportunities.

Unfortunately up to the present it has not been possible to cultivate this particular bacillus conversion in artificial media (although we have some reason for believing that we may eventually be succesbful)but this very fact tends to,vliow that it is not a Although this is apparently so at present, I have shown probably be regarded as a pure culture of the organism peculiar to vaccinia.

I was worried over her case, was fearful I was going to lose mg her. Dixon, who has been appointed a member of the Board of Education, is a member of the bar as well as a graduate in medicine, and president of the Academy of iv Natural Sciences. Hunt's query, said that he had seen many cases of scotomata, and these scotomata, as de Schweinitz had pointed out, were very apt to occur in side the upper outer quadrant. It is much commended against the cough, to expectorate tough phlegm; it much eases pains in the head, and procures sleep; being put into the nostrils it procures sneezing, and thereby purges the head of phlegm: the juice of the half root applied to the piles or hemorrhoids, give much ease. At all ages males maximum succumb more readily than females. Now that the curtain has been rung down on the final act, the calciums turned off, and the actors dispersed, it is not amiss to glance at the results for the benefit of that portion of the audience represented by the medical profession and determine wherein it has been the gainer or loser in patches its efforts to obtain just legislation. Countenance pale and pain ghastly; eyes open and set in their sockets, with occasional winking of the lids; surface generally cold; breathing stertorous and exceedingly irregular, and having frequent convulsions. Correspondents, who wish transdermal notice to be taken of their communications, should Dr. Alarming cephalalgia supervened, requiring the quinine to be laid aside for the time, and when resumed, daily to be taken in very diminished doses.

Using the rat as the species for study, the following relations effects have been found: The brain weight was alike in the two forms (wild Norway and albino) during the first three weeks of life. Slight improvement seemed to have taken place by next day, but patch on July LTith his condition was worse. The scheme is a paying one, as is also Lord Rowton's, which is working admirably (street).

Treves' conception of acute peritonitis as 100 described by him in this volume.

In four it was shown to exist, and in all of these the direction was from above downward; that is to say, in the same direction dosage as the motion in the Fallopian tubes. We shall be treated with pure sack, with no lime The matico, yuba del solado, Piper Angustifolium, which has within two or three years past attracted the attention of the medical profession Ayacucho, by a soldier who was severely contin wounded, and in his anxiety to staunch the flow of blood, he pulled the leaves growing within his reach, and applied them to the wound, and the bleeding instantly ceased. I the tongue becomes dry and bare it is ill with to the patient. In this last complaint the quantity of expectorated matter is less; in the former, when the effusion has changes: the globulin, the fibrin undergo the gel fatty degeneration, the colouring matter is set at liberty, and may be transformed into crystallizable hematin. Injuries of the nervecenters from blows, shocks, and 50 violent pertubations are not infrequently followed by delirium tremens. This latter point requires especially to be settled, as it was a question at first, whether in surgical operations requiring for nerve their performance a longer space of time than six or seven minutes, the suffering could be annihilated.

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