Fin Garden

Fin Garden

The fin Garden of Kashan has an area of 23,000 square meters, and includesa central courtyard surrounded by walls, fortification and cylindrical towers.

Fin Garden          Fin Garden

This place is where Nasereddin Shah killed his chancellor “Amir Kabir” in 1590. The history and antiquity of the Fin Garden and its buildings dates back to the Safavid period. The existence of the dynamic elements such as Water and tree, beside the fixed architectural element like buildings has given living identity to this cultural and historical place.

The Fin Garden is one of the most important examples of Iranian gardens, which is still alive. It also introduces the method of creating a cultural landscape as well. Each of the various forms of water in this garden has a special concept.

Fin Garden

The Abundant water and its flows in streams of turquoise tiles, in an environment where water is really scarce, and the trees with wide shadows, the great contradictions have been created with dry desert and unmerciful nature, behind the walls of the garden.

The most important plants in Fin Garden include 579 cypress trees and 11 plane trees. Due to the age of these trees. The cypress has an important role in design of this garden, and planting the limited number of plane trees in this garden due to increased visual quality.

Fin Garden          Fin Garden

It seems that the use of cypress in the Persian literature as a symbol of the beauty of human effected on the design of Fin Garden.

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