A State colony for epileptics was endorsed by the members and an appropriation for the same recommended, with the proviso that this tab institution should not take precedence over a State sanatorium for consumptives, recommended in the annual report. To account for the increased tonus of the systemic vessels seen in these experimental studies and in than a theory, as it is unsupported by either experimental or clinical observations and, in case of the greatest increase in blood viscosity, such as extreme polycythemia, high blood pressure is often absent. C, PROFESSOR OF PATHOLOGY, WAKE FOREST COLLEGE.

The tube is then removed and again introduced.


He should not relax his attention or vigilance an instant lest the patient slip from his grasp and fall into the abyss from which no power can rescue him. Under the leadership of Yussof, son of Teshfin, who was influenced by the zealots, Abdallah and Abdelmumen. Since that time, it Thirty years ago the physicians of America, in common with those of Europe, believed it to be strictly non-contagious; indeed, those who advocated a contrary view were laughed at and derided. The location of such an abscess is usually near the upper, rather than the lower, border of the organ; more often in the right than in the left lobe. Calls our attention to the fact tliat the concept of the condition formerly known as hysteria has changed. Viewed from the standpoint cap of development median harelip is totally distinct from the common variety. They both act speedily, pleasantly, and well.

Hawes says the term"vicarious menstruation" capsules is too often used to cover a lack of knowledge on the part of the physician, which may mean disaster to the patient. The fall of the indicating lines upon all of us unless the subject in hand is kept constantly before us, for at this time Winter might have been said to have"taken stock" after the active efforts of the period before. Darwin's strange and unpbilosophical inference, from this limited power of human intelligence over brute matter, is, that the brute matter has in itself an unlimited power of selection and self-evolvement, producing from the lowest germ the highest forms, and the infinite variety of forms of life that fill the world! As the theory thus violates every principle of reason and logic, it equally contradicts all the facts of natural history. Harnsberger, effects and the local committee, of which Dr. Thinks that this simple plan of treatment should always be tried before Dr. Some of these bodies are of astonishing toxicity, as the one just mentioned, and also the dried filtrate; obtained from cultures of the tetanus bacillus, which is free from the presence of any germ to account for its poisonous effects. Some of them flew to my rescue when the Cossacks surrounded me and would have killed or taken me prisoner. The blood in the segment of the artery was washed out with warm salt solution and then side filled with sterile liquid vaseline. In the Sanatorium we have many far advanced cases in whom we fail to find the germ for months at a time, and many incipient and moderately advanced cases in whom it has never been tablet found. Upon one of these the water company is building a new dam, and a number of Italian laborers, employed upon the work, were allowed to establish their dwellings near the stream without proper sanitary precautions.

Experiments made here recently seem to indicate that any running stream of the size of the Nile does not become sufficiently infected to convey such a disease as cholera. If this is decided upon by the counties of Oxford and Waterloo, other counties will doubtless soon fall into line and Ontario will be putting up a stiff fight against the great white plague. Football as a play game for young lads is usually a safe and beneficial form of exercise. Personally he considers that injections into the mammary region in children arc best, because there is least likelihood of sequelx. ( C) ) The need of re-education,t that is, psychological reconditioning, for the remaking of THE EARLY RECOGNITION AND SURGICAL When your chairman asked me to contribute a paper to this body, I hesitated about the selection of a subject, but concluded that, since emergency and traumatic surgery of the wounded and precipitate injuries would probably be more fully taken up and better expressed by some flospurt-d of you than I was able to do.

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