Ancient inscriptions of Ganjnameh are located in the south-west of Hamedan, 5 kilometers from the current location of this city. The depressions are in the form of a rectangle with a length of 2.9 meters and a width of 1.9 meters and a depth of 30-cm.

Ganjnameh           Ganjnameh

These ancient inscriptions were carved in three ancient languages: Old Persian, Babylon, and Neo-Elamite. The Persian text is situated to the left of the other two inscriptions and has a width of about 1/15 meters.  The Babylonian text is situated in the middle of these plaques, and its width is less than Persian plaque, and the Elamite text is located on both sides of the inscriptions and its width is less than the Babylonian text.

Ganjnameh           Ganjnameh

The left side inscription is located slightly higher in a rocky mountain, and belongs to Darius the Great, and the right side inscription is situated lower than the other inscriptions and belongs to Xerxes. Each of these triple texts includes two inscriptions, which are consist of 20 lines.

The content of both inscriptions in these triple texts is common, which is written in the cuneiform. Some regular holes are seen around these two inscriptions on the rock, which shows that these two historical inscriptions were covered with door and metal shield in the Old Testament. These shields are protected them from the wind and the rain and the sunlight.

Ganjnameh           Ganjnameh

The Ganjnameh waterfall emanates from the springs of the mountains and streams of Alvand Mountains and flows down to the river to the waterfall.

The recreation, tourism and sports complex, and the gondola lift of Ganjnameh Hamadan is located in Ganjnameh Square, 5 km away from Hamedan city and adjacent to the ancient inscriptions and Ganjnameh waterfall. The pleasant mountainous climate, the bracing valley of Alvand, and beautiful landscape of Mishan plain have attracted the foreign and Iranian tourist.


This is a great project which is made significant transition in the tourism industry of Iran, that provides all the facilities for a tourist, including entertainment facilities, sports, residential facilities, and even educational facilities. Exciting sports facilities such as Bungee jumping, Tyrol fly cable, Rock climbing Wall, Track cycling, Air Balance (Ranger), Bowling Hall, Ski Resort, Snowboarding Resort, etcetera.

Ganjnameh           Ganjnameh

Also this region consists of some amenities and special services including the gondola lift, coffee shops and various restaurants, indoor amusement park and botanical garden. Outdoor and indoor parking facilities provide the best possible presence of tourists.


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