Goharshad Mosque

Goharshad Mosque

Goharshad Mosque is a mosque in Mashhad of the Razavi Khorasan Province, which used to be a free standing mosque and now serves as one of the prayer halls within the Imam Reza shrine complex.

Goharshad Mosque          Goharshad Mosque

It was built in 1418 by the order of empress Goharshad Begum, the wife of Shahrukh Mirza of the Timurid dynasty, In the south of the shrine of Imam Reza.

Ghaavameddin Shirazi was the architecture of this building, who is accountable for majority of Shahrukh’s great buildings.

Goharshad Mosque          Goharshad Mosque

Goharshad Mosque is a classic mosque built in the form of four Iwans mosques. The courtyard of the mosque is almost in the form of a square and there are four large historic Iwans around it.  At intervals between the Iwans, there are seven spacious Shabestans and six doors.

Goharshad Mosque
The length and width of the courtyard is about 56.13 and 51.18 meters, respectively, and its total area is 2873 square meters. The magnificent and elevated Iwans of the mosque have been built as symmetry to each other. The southern Iwan is called Maghsureh, and the northern one, known as Iwan Dar-ol-syadeh. The eastern Iwan is called Etekaf, and Sheikh Baha al-Din is the name of the western Iwan.

Goharshad Mosque          Goharshad Mosque

At various times, due to the natural and human factors, many damages have been inflicted on the Goharshad Mosque, i.e. in the earthquake of 1084, Iwan Maghsureh was damaged and restored shortly after. In order to restoration, the dome of Iwan Maghsureh was destroyed in 1960 and its rebuilding was carried out by Iranian architects under the supervision of engineer Abbas Aferandeh, began with the observance and preservation of the same features of the past and was completed in 1962, at the same time, the plinths from the inside of Iwan Maghsureh were replaced and the floor of the porch was marbled with marble stones and in 1345, the dome was marbled.

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