Gorgan City


Gorgan is from northern Iran and has a mild climate, although its summers are relatively warm and sultry. The climate of the region is very diverse and varies and it comprise mountains, forests and meadows, flats and plains, wilderness and salt march, sea and gulf, river and swamp, and agricultural land.
With the arrival of Islam and in its early centuries, the state of Tabarestan was a valuable place in the flourishing of Islamic culture and civilization. The cities of Jorjān and Astarabad from this state were the cradle of the great scholars of that era.


The population of the city of Gorgan is 480,541, which is about 35% of the population of the province. In terms of its natural features, the city has three plain, submontane, and mountainous regions. The southern parts of the city have mountainous climates and its north parts have semi-humid.
Most of the activities in the rural areas are related to agricultural, and more than 80% of the people in the villages, directly or indirectly engage in agricultural activities.

Gorgan         Gorgan

This city has a warm and welcoming people and is made up of various tribes. The relics obtained from the prehistoric times from different parts of the city including Torang Tapeh and Shahtepeh and etc. represent the ancient presence of humans in this region and represents its civilization in the 6th millennium BC.

The Virgin forest areas, rivers and lakes, lush mountains and cool bay areas are among the attractions close to Gorgan.


It may seem strange, but in the south of the Gorgan city there are many mountains and forests that you can visit them just by 20 minutes walking from the city center. These areas, known as Nahar Khoran forests, have their own attractions at all times of the year, and Gorgan people usually spend the last hours of the day resting in these areas.

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