Grand Bazaar of Tehran

Grand Bazaar

Tehran Bazaar is an old market which is located in center of Tehran, in the 12th district of Tehran.

This market is situated between the Molavi streets in the south, Mostafa Khomeini (former Sirus) in the east, 15th Khordad (former Buzarjomehri) in the north and Khayyam in the west.

Grand Bazaar of Tehran        Grand Bazaar of Tehran

At the intersection of these streets, Mohammadiyeh Square is at the Rumi crossroads and the Sirus crossroads. The 15th of Khordad square is located outside of the market area, and Sabze Meydan (square) is located inside the market area.

Grand Bazaar of Tehran        Grand Bazaar of Tehran

Sir Thomas Herbert in his Travel literature in 1108 hijri (Safavid period), describes Grand Bazaar of Tehran as a market without a roof.

Among the places in the Bazaar of Tehran, the Beynolharmeyn market was built in Qajar period, and the Amir market and shoemakers market are additional buildings of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar era.

Grand Bazaar of Tehran        Grand Bazaar of Tehran

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