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Hamadan is one of the considerable cities of Iran, located at the west and mountainous area of Iran.

This city is the capital of province and has been established on the slopes of Alvand Mountain, 1741 meters above the sea water. In addition, this is one of the cold cities of Iran and an ancient city of this country and the world.

Furthermore, This region was the first imperial capital of Iran during the era of Medes. Today, the city is recognized as the fifth cultural and touristic city of Iran due to its several historic and spectacular sites.

In terms of population, this is the 14th city of Iran, which was introduced as one of the megacities of Iran in 2009.

In 1921-1925, the German engineer called Karl Frisch designed a modern plan for Hamadan, which was considered to be a radial map. However, due to the population density and radial design of Hamadan, there is always a huge traffic at the center of this city today. In total, six straight avenues are linked with the central square of Hamadan. In addition, the municipality of Hamadan has been established in the square of Avicenna Mausoleum.

Dialect of the majority of people in this region is Farsi with a special accent from the area. According to the census in 2011 by the statistical center of Iran, Hamadan has a population of 548,378. Due to its geographical location, Hamadan has always been the host of many ethnicities.

After the year of 722 BC, when Jerusalem was conquered by Bakht al-Nasr, some of the Prophets of Israel came to Iran, especially to Hamadan, and stayed in that city from that time on. Jews of Hamadan have their own religious schools, synagogues and a market.

Hamadan is one of the main carpet-weaving centers of Iran. The importance of this issue is that a greater amount of carpets and rugs at cheap prices are produced in Hamadan, compared to the other carpet-weaving areas of Iran, in a way that it has turned Hamadan into the center of cheap rugs.

Moreover, Hamadan is one of the most important cities of leather production and exporting in Iran, and one of the most important centers of the country’s tourism and artistic industry, both in terms of cultural heritage and history and in terms of its touristic condition.


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