Hasht Behesht

Hasht Behesht

The Hasht Behesht palace is a historical palace in the city of Isfahan, built during the Safavid era in 1669 and is today protected by Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization. The building of this two-floor palace is built in a large garden. Of more than forty mansions which existed in Isfahan during the rule of Safavids, this is the only one left today.

The architectural style of this building is in Isfahani style (The Isfahani style is the last style of traditional Persian-Iranian architecture).

Hasht Behesht          Hasht Behesht

The large garden in which the mansion is located was part of the great garden of “Naqsh-e Jahan” that was built by Shah Ismail I, and during his successors, especially Shah Abbas I, was divided into several parts. The Garden of Hasht Behesht existed during the time of King Safi and, In the periods of the two following kingdoms, namely, Shah Abbas II and King Suleiman, they added to the trees of this beautiful garden. It should be noted that the palace inside the garden belongs to the time of Shah Suleiman Safavi, during which the garden was completed and amended in 1669, which coincided with the third year of the reign of Shah Suleiman Safavid.

Hasht Behesht          Hasht Behesht

The decorations of the mansion during the Safavid period were so magnificent and artistic that many tourists have praised it. Unfortunately, today there are no traces of wood-framed golden fences, crystal frames and glasses and elegant colorful glass decorations, since there have been many changes in the post-Safavid period, especially in the Qajar era.

Hasht Behesht          Hasht Behesht
At the end of the Qajar era, the mansion of the Hasht Behesht became private property of individuals and was deprived of exquisite and precious jewels of the Safavid period.

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