Hawraman is the name of a mountainous region situated in north-western Iran (within Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces) and eastern Iraq, whose inhabitants speak Hewrami. In Iran, the region includes the cities of Paveh and Mariwan and in Iraq, Halabja.

Although a large part of the Hawraman area is made up of high and snowy mountains, however, there are almost dense forests at lower elevations and on the slopes of these mountains. The forest cover of this area, like the general covering of Zagros Mountains, is made up of oak trees. These forests have long been the source of winter fuel for the people of the region.


A large part of Hawraman is located in Kermanshah province and a smaller section in Halabja on Iraq territory.

The earliest archaeological evidence shows that the region was inhabited by human since Middle Paleolithic Period. This evidence were discovered by archaeologists near Hajij village and include stone tools that made by Early Modern Humans. Evidence for Late Paleolithic occupation discovered in a cave site in the Perdi Mala valley.

The Hawraman architecture is fully adapted to the mountains and relies on the construction by stones and drystack, and houses in the villages of the region, due to the steep slope of the rocky hillsides, has been built as a staircase. Houses are mostly built in two floors and vary according to the livelihoods of the houses, and houses of gardeners, farmers, livestock growers are more or less different.


In most cases, the ground floor is dedicated to the storage and the whereabouts of the herd. The main residential space is located on the upper floor and consists of several sections.

Beside the specific situation of the village, in terms of architecture, the location of water springs, special ceremonies and customs, the presence of the tomb and the mosque of Pir Shaliar, and in particular the population and significant number of inhabitants, reflect the importance of the region from the past.


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