Hengam Island

Hengam Island

Hengam Island is one of Iran’s islands in the Persian Gulf, with its small villages, and an area of about 50 square kilometers is located in south of Qeshm, and has salt, soil and lead mines. The distance between Hengam Island and Qeshm Island is about 2 kilometres
It is 36.6 kilometres wide and shaped like a truncated cone.

Hengam Island         Hengam Island

Its distance to Bandar Abbas is about 43 nautical miles and up to 29 nautical miles to Qeshm. The island has limestone postal heights and its highest point is the Nakas Mountain with altitude of 106 meters. Its longest diameter is from a “the old Hengam village” to “the new Hengam village” of about 9 kilometers.

The only economic activity on the island, which most of the people have long been engaged in, are fishing. At the moment, the reception of tourists is also one of the activities of the local people. Fish breeding in cages, shrimp breeding and the largest Crocodile breeding farm in Iran are among the island’s aquaculture activities.

Hengam Island         Hengam Island

Among the landmarks of the island are British port facilities. Watching pods around the island is one of the most spectacular views. Swimming and diving on the beaches around the island, watching turtles, beautiful rocky and sandy beaches and the marvelous and unique nature of the Island, and the first and largest Crocodile Crops breeding farm are the attractions of the Hengam island.

Hengam Island

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