Hezar Pich

Hezar Pich

The Hill of Hezar Pich is one of the heights around Gorgan, which spreads the beautiful landscape of Gorgan to the eyes of tourists. Hezar Pich is located at the entrance of west of Gorgan and one of the major transmitters of the city’s television is on its top.

The specific conditions of this hill have created a flight site on some parts that athletes use to make flights with a variety of paragliders.

Hezar Pich

Hezar Pich or Hezar Cham is among the oldest resorts in the city. In recent years, the trees of this forest hill have been cut off, but with reforestation, it has once again turned into a suitable haven for locals and an appropriate habitat for some indigenous species. If scientific and technical methods applied, regions condition can be improved. One of the measures under consideration is the construction of a 10-hectare park at altitudes of Hezar Pich. One of the features of this hill is its immunity from any residential construction, from the lowest to the highest elevations.

Hezar Pich         Hezar Pich

Sogoleh or Sarv Goleh has been the historical name of this area, which in the past few decades, this beautiful and historic name has been changed to Hezar Pich. The circulation area of Sogoleh, which can be called the Gorgan roof, is the only remaining opportunity for the sustainable development of tourism industry in Gorgan, after the Nahar Khoran and Alang-dareh road. Hezar Pich is one of the highlands around Gorgan, and due to its particular location and beautiful views from the city of Gorgan, attract many tourists.

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