Hormoz Island

Hormoz Island

Hormoz is an elliptical and salty dome island in the Persian Gulf and 8 km from Bandar Abbas. The island is considered to be the key of the Persian Gulf because of its geographical location and the proximity to the Strait of Hormoz. Due to this geographic location, Throughout history, it has been strategically and commercially important.

On the sea route of Qeshm to Hormoz Island mountains are seen in yellow, white and red. Among these mountains, there is a red mountain that is edible, and locals use its red soil as a spice to cook fish and bread and prepare pickles, jam and sauce.

Hormoz Island         Hormoz Island

The surface of Hormoz Island is composed of sedimentary and volcanic layers. The salt floors also cover the main part of the island in the form of hills, and are often composed of eatable salt. Its tallest point is 186 meters above sea level and its largest diameter is eight kilometers.

The Hormoz Island is known among geologists as the Paradise of geology, due to the fact that it is composed of various types of soils. The Hormoz Island includes volcanic and salt mountains and hills. The highest point is 210 meters, around it are covered with flat plains, and its mines of red soil and white salt have a lot of reputation.

Hormoz Island         Hormoz Island

Many tourists intending to travel to Qeshm Island visit Hormoz Island as a one-day site, which, of course, has been exacerbated by the scarcity of lodging and catering facilities, but in any case, the attraction of this small island ( 5.5 km) is so much that many tourists prefer to stay in rural places or temporary tents to spend more time on Hormoz Island.

Hormoz Island

Hormoz is also noteworthy for coastal diversity, a combination of sandy beaches of different colors that provide a comfortable and cozy seating for water sports Enthusiasts, it also has rocky beaches, which is a symbol of the country’s sturdiness.

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