Imam Mosque

Imam Mosque

The imam mosque is standing in south side of Naghsh-e Jahan Square, its construction began in 1611 by order of Shah Abbas the Great in the twenty-fourth year of his reign, and decorations and extensions of the mosque were completed during successors of Shah Abbas. Shah Abbas built this mosque for the memorial of his ancestor, Shah Tahmasp.

The imam mosque is one of the most prominent works of Iranian architecture in terms of architectural features, richly decorated and exquisite works. The traditional formations, ideals, poems and religious concepts, the map which is more or less elaborate, the large elements of construction and decorations, all of this has been accomplished in the Shah Mosque with greatness and splendor, which has made this mosque one of the largest buildings in the world.

Imam Mosque           Imam Mosque

The resplendence of the color and the greatness of the scene of the door and the dome was already stunning, the repetition was stunning, well-tuned construction elements, symmetrical arches, balanced iwans, the tranquility of the large pond of ablution, and the effect of the color harmony, the onion-shaped dome with bright design is located on a stalk without any carriers.

The plan of the foundation of the building and construction both represent a simple belief in Islam, and it reveals and expresses the fundamental concept, that is, the brotherhood and equality of the believers, all of whom enjoy the direct access to God’s mercy.

Imam Mosque

Moving and communicating are facilitated everywhere, and there is no barrier. The floor of the imam mosque has no stairs, fences or sheets. There is no close door, tunnel halls, place of mates, slave, there is no separate structure, such as the altar, special space, privileged position, just as there are no dedicated ceremonies, no holly object, and no successions of religious authorities.

The walls are lost in the floral motifs and bushes, or they open to the real and natural gardens. Due to the focus of the load on the octagon columns, the wide perspectives arise and the free space reaches the maximum., and the free space is maximized.

The height of the great dome of the mosque is 52 meters, and the height of the inner minarets is 48 meters, and the height of the doorway minarets in the Naghsh-e Jahan Square is 42 meters.

Of interesting points in the mosque are the reflection of the sound in the center of the southern Great Dome. Other interesting sights of this mosque are the large similar pieces of marble rocks and exquisite lavers.

Imam Mosque           Imam Mosque

This great mosque has two shabestan (similar to nave in churches) in the eastern and western sides of the courtyard. One of these shabestans is bigger but simple, and the other (western shabestan) is smaller, but it is decorated with seven-color clay tiles, and its mihrab (niche) is one of the most beautiful mihrab in the mosques of Isfahan.

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