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In 2006, Isfahan was selected as the cultural capital of the Islamic world. In 2009, it was selected as the capital of culture of civilization of Iran. This selection has been mainly due to the beautiful Iranian architecture, ancient and amazing boulevards, covered bridges, astounding tunnels, castles, mosques and unique minarets of this city.

Regarding all of the mentioned features of this city, Isfahan is recognized as “half of the world” in the Iranian culture, and the majority of tourists in Iran have acknowledged the importance of Isfahan as one of the most important tourist attractions of the world.

Isfahan is located 435 KM south of Tehran. Its urban area is divided into 14 districts.

This city is surrounded by Khomeini Shahr and Najaf Abad from west, Soffeh Mountain and Sepahan Shahr from south, Shahin Shahr from north and Sagzi plain from east.

The urban area of Isfahan is divided into 14 districts and the level of city is at 1570 meters height above the sea level. Isfahan is bordered by a desert area from north and east, while it ends with Zagros Mountains from west and south. Isfahan is located in this area mainly due to the existence of waters, such as Zayanderud, which starts in Zardkuh. In addition, Isfahan has greatly developed over the last centuries because of the sufficient amount of water and low levels of air pollution in the southwest area.

According to the official statistics of the country, Isfahan has a population of 1,756,126.

Moreover, Isfahan is one of the most important urban centers of Iran, and has been significantly developed since its selection as the capital of this country during the Safavid dynasty. Naqsh-e Jahan Square is one of the largest squares of the world and a prime example of Islamic architecture, registered as world heritage by the UNESCO. The slogan of this city is “Isfahan for always, for everyone”.



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