Jabalieh Dome

Jabalieh Dome

Jabalieh Dome or Gonbad-e Jabalieh, is one of the historical and spectacular monuments of Kerman, which is located on the slopes of the Saheb Zaman mosque’s mountains. The history of the construction of the building is unknown and in the historical writing, the purpose of its construction is not mentioned.
It is evident from the evidence that this building was established in pre-Islamic periods and completed in Seljuk period.

Jabalieh Dome          Jabalieh Dome
It is clear from the appearance of this monument that the roof of the dome was made of bricks, and inside the dome, apparently, had gypsum decoration, which is collapsed, and its lower part (if it had decoration) is destroyed.
Materials used in the walls are ballast with plaster masonry from outside and lime from inside.
The Jabalieh Dome was registered in 1937 and was converted into a national treasure of Jabalieh (historical inscriptions) in 2004 after the restoration. Inscriptions contained in this treasure include the inscription of the mosque Abdar Ashkan Rabbar. This inscription is one of the oldest inscriptions in this treasure that is related to the memorial of a mosque in the highlands of the northern part of the city of Abdar Ashkan Rabbar, in the city of Baft.

Jabalieh Dome

The smallest tombstone discovered in Kerman province is also kept in this treasure. The size of the tombstone is 26 in 22 centimeters and its inscription consists of two parts. At the end of the inscription on the left-hand side, the name of the decedent and the year of death is written in an altar-shape case.


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