Jameh Mosque of Isfahan

Jameh Mosque of Isfahan

The Jameh Mosque of Isfahan (or Jame Mosque of Isfahan) is one of the most important and oldest religious buildings in Iran. This mosque displays a vast historical collection of 170 to 140 meters in the northeast of Esfahan and beside the Kohne square.

Jameh Mosque of Isfahan          Jameh Mosque of Isfahan

Today, it includes various parts such as Nezam al-Mulk dome, Taj al-Mulk dome, four Iwan yard and its rounded Shabestans, Mozafari school, al-Jayto Mehrab, each of which represents the course of Islamic art in a particular era. According to historical evidence, the Jameh Mosque of Isfahan was built on the ruins of an older mosque built by Arabs residing in the village of Teheran in Isfahan in the 2nd AH century in Judea. The first mosque was erected on the ruins of the mosques of the late Sassanid period.

Jameh Mosque of Isfahan          Jameh Mosque of Isfahan

Archaeological excavations indicate that this mosque was probably the most important religious center of the city before the Arabs dominated the city and used it as one of the fireplaces in the city of Isfahan. The discovery of a pillar, with the decorations of the Sassanid era, confirms the pre-Islamic monument in the northern area of the mosque.

There are controversy about the history of the changes in the mosque, but it seems that the construction of The Jameh Mosque was in the early centuries of the Hijri era and during the Abbasids, which was destroyed in the 3rd century AH.

Jameh Mosque of Isfahan          Jameh Mosque of Isfahan

The Jameh Mosque of Isfahan’s various parts have been formed over the course of nearly a thousand years, and during these years have been constantly restoration, the last of which was the reconstruction of the destroyed part by the bombing of Iraqi aircraft during the eight years of the Iran-Iraq war.

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