Jashak salt dome

Jashak salt dome

Jashak salt dome or Dashti salt dome, the vast and northern plain of Jashak Mountain in the southern part of the Zagros Mountain range, is one of the largest, most active and beautiful salt domes of Iran and the Middle East, and is one of the natural attractions of Bushehr province, which was registered in February 2008 as one of the four regions under the management of the Environmental Protection Agency and as a national natural fossil relic. The most significant and distinctive features of the Jashak salt dom are the salt type of this salt mountain, its unique domes and caves, waterfalls, crystals, and etc.

Jashak salt dome         Jashak salt dome

This dome or salt mount is in the heart of the Jashak Mountain with a length of 12 kilometers and a width of 4.5 kilometers. The area of ​​the dome is about 3666 hectares and the height of the summit is 1,350 meters above sea level.

Jashak salt dome         Jashak salt dome

The special position of the Jashak salt dome, which causes the salinity of the Mond river’s water, is perhaps the only factor causing damage to the region, because the river, before the village of Baghan, is sweet and drinkable and used for agricultural.

But after crossing the dome, river water comes with a high percentage of salinity, which indicates the high activity of the dome and the fluidity of its water to the bed of the Mond River.

Jashak salt dome         Jashak salt dome

In the high rainfall season, the river water engulf the surface of the Choghapur and Dashti plains, and due to high evaporation, salt remains on the surface of the soil and causes soil salinity in the area.

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