Kalut of Shahdad

Kalut of Shahdad

Kalut is the name of the natural and geographical complications in the Lut desert, located in Kerman province of Iran, which was created by the amazing mechanism of water, wind and erosion around 20,000 years ago.

Kaluts are a unique phenomenon and made one of the most magnificent places in the world. This area is more than 11,000 square kilometers, and is located in the heart of the Lut desert. Kalut’s are extremely marvelous. The word “Kalut” consists of two parts, the “Kal” and “lut”, the “Kal” means the city and(or) the village, and “lut” is the Lut desert.

Kalut of Shahdad        Kalut of Shahdad

Kaluts are structures made by nature. In simple terms, wind and water are the most important factors in their formation. In terms of the uneven shape and genesis conditions, The kaluts are unique in the world, and there are countless secrets about the principles and properties of their emergence. Looking at the kaluts from far away resembles a large city with many skyscrapers, which made some foreign tourists to call it “the city of ghosts.”

The Kaluts extend from north to south, about 145 kilometers in length, and extend from west to east at a distance of 70 kilometers and are parallel to the huge sand dunes of the east part of the Lut desert, but the Kaluts are more unknown, dangerous and mysterious than the eastern Lut slopes. No one has ever crossed them.

Kalut of Shahdad        Kalut of Shahdad

The Roodshur is the only permanent river that flows deep into the Lut desert and is full of water throughout the year. The river flows from the mountains in northwest of Birjand. This river, which is one of the most salty waters of the world and contains the most mineral, ends after a distance of approximately 200 kilometers to the southeast, near Shahdad, and in a region called the salt mine hole. Salt hexagon created around salt lake is another natural attraction of the Lut desert.

There are no signs of life in the heart of Lut in the region of 30,000 kilometers. The witness to this claim is the healthy bovine body that died in the winter of 1987 in the Lut desert. After 15 years, the body of this cow was found without any change, while it was dried up by intense sunlight.

Kalut of Shahdad

Professor Parviz Kardvani, a famous deserter and professor at the universities of Tehran, believes the desert of Shahdad is the most beautiful desert in the world. He announced this point of the desert, which reaches 100 degrees Celsius in the summer, as the warmest point in the globe. He believes there are no such beautiful Kalut anywhere in the world.

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