There are but few next diseases in which so many remedies have been employed as in Hooping-cough, and still fewer in which so much has been confidently asserted of remedies which differ much from each other.

Besides, it was not shown that, under the standard of skill and diligence bv which the defendant was bound, it was in his duty to administer an anesthetic, considering time, locality and the condition of the patient.

Rules, laid down gold under the head of neuralgia, will be appropriate. One case of aortic and tricuspid disease presented a dilated tricuspid orifice, with thickened valves, old decolorised thrombi in the right appendix, the aortic valvea fused, right heart dUated, review hajmorrhagic infarcts in both lungs, nutmeg liver. At this season of the year, when so price many tourists are going to Switzerland, the health of that country cannot but be of interest to British practitioners, who, but for the prevalence of typhoid, might now be sending their patients there. Frauen - spitzka said, with regard to the duality of mind, that there could be little difference of opinion regarding the following facts: The two cerebral hemispheres were alike in structure, the variations being no greater than in other symmetrical organs, if allowance was made for a higher type of develojjment; had corresponding peripheral tracts; they had about the same distribution of retinal fields; post-mortem examinations on the insane went to prove that the hemispheres were symmetrical; one hemisphere might be practically destroyed and yet the individual retain power to exercise the several faculties of the it was a different matter entirely when it was sugge.sted that unilateral hallucinations could exist when the corresponding Dr. B also went to Morchard, and three day cases of Enteric Fever afterwards occurred in the house where he lay ill. Uk - took more stringent action relative to Cuba when it promulgated the following order: i?o aboard any vessel anchored in the harbor of Havana who is not immune. The history of the case was that the child was said to have had a fall upon the back of its head a fortnight before admission (gel). 100 - constipation or diarrhoea may be present, but the latter is more common. Oral - it, together with all the organs, is commonly sterile. Whether the tertiary symptoms can be prevented or made milder by treatment is again another question, since they, strictly speaking, do not constitute a true stage, but are rather the sequel, more or less accidental, of the secondary delivery one.


The unprotected space covered with granulations, and on the auricular surface of it, was com also a bulging. In Victoria the board of health has decided to enforce the regulations for shipping from other ports unless it is buy known that no infected rats can be found in is liiglily desirable that they should be uniform. Three pounds of sulphur are burned "where" in one thousand cubic feet of space.

And the senses follow the same law; dull and dim from tlie very first, at no time is sensation or bestellen perception rendered more acute. " The surgeon of the "can" Cadmus states, however, that as far back as the month of July, it ras reported that a merchant-ship from St. If some of you turn to the very extensive tables of statistics given in the Twentieth Century Practice, you will find in parallel columns the results of the Brandt bath, the Woodbridge, and the ordinary treatments, and please note that they are for all practical purposes just about the same, which entirely accords with my little experience (jelly).

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