Kandovan Village

Kandovan Village

Kandovan is one of the villages of East Azarbaijan Province, located 60 kilometers southwest of Tabriz anwd on the flourishing slope of Sultan Daghi.
The village has many tourist attractions due to the shape of its houses, which are like a hive in the heart of the mountain, and interestingly, honey is one of the most important souvenirs from the Kandovan village.
Kandovan is one of the three rocky villages in the world, which makes it unique.

Kandovan Village         Kandovan Village

The architecture of the Kandovan village and the flow of people’s lives in the context of its old texture is an exception in the world. Because in Turkey and America no one lives in Cappadocia and Dakota. Kandovan is a village built on the rock, and the only structures of this village are rocks. Houses are pyramidal and there are holes in the rocks for livestock. The traditional and ancient Kandovan houses do not have the same type of architecture in Iran, and according to some researchers, the construction of these houses dates back to the 7th century AH at the same time as the Mongol invasion.

Kandovan Village         Kandovan Village

Kandovan is a summer resort in the Sahand Mountains, where the grassland pastures bring many nomadic to it. The Kandovan mineral spring is also one of the attractions of this 6,000-year-old village. This spring water with a low percentage of heavinessis very useful for the treatment of kidney disease.

Kandovan Village         Kandovan Village

The watershed are often located alongside the passageways, outside of the boundaries and the residential environment, each watershed is being used by a couple of families. Watersheds often have several places of sitting and storage, depending on the slope of the earth. Due to the diameter and thickness of the edges, it is very difficult to create a skylight on the lower floors. For this reason, skylights are often located on the upper floors. The windows are made of wood, often in the form of a checkered piece, in which small pieces of glass are embedded.

Kandovan Village

The presence of mineral water, unique homes, green valleys, pleasant climates and dairy and fine honey in the mountains, attract a large number of travelers from all around the country to the village, especially in the favorable seasons of the year.

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