Kashan city

Kashan City

Kashan city is located 200 km south of Tehran, and is regarded as one of the historical cities of Isfahan Province. Similar to the most central regions of Iran, it has a hot-arid climate.

Kashan city           Kashan city

As a result, the weather of this region creates ideal nature in springs, attracting a massive crowd of Iranian and foreign tourists to the area.

Gardens and monuments are located within the urban context of Kashan, some of which belong to more than six centuries ago.

Kashan city           Kashan city

In addition, architectural features of certain periods in the Iranian history are shown in this city.

City of Kashan has a population of more than 300 thousand individuals, the majority of whom are Muslims. Presence of very ancient mosques in this city proves that has been the center of attention for Muslims from many centuries ago.

This city is introduced as carpet capital of Iran. Due to the special and beautiful patterns and colors, and beautiful colors in its handmade carpets, this industry of Kashan has long been the topic of discussions in art, economy, exhibition and science societies.

Kashan city           Kashan city

Other handmade industries are active in this city as well, creating colorful and astonishing traditional markets in this city.

There are ways to travel to Kashan, including airplanes, trains and buses, all of which are accessible from Tehran if you begin your travel from Tehran.

Kashan city           Kashan city

One of the most popular attractions of Kashan is the city of Ghamsar south of Kashan due to being recognized as the center of herbal essence production in Iran.  Damask rose essential oil extraction being in Kashan in the middle of spring, which attracts many tourists to the city at this time of the year. Wonderful landscapes await you in the flower gardens of Ghamsar, which is a very good choice for spring tours of Iran.

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