Kermanshah City

Kermanshah City

Kermanshah is the ninth most populated city of Iran, locate in the west of the country. It is also regarded as one of the megacities of Iran, based on Zagros mountain range.

Kermanshah was summer residence of Iranian kings in the fourth century AD due to its very desirable climate, which is mostly mountainous. Snowy and high mountains lead to the rivers that flow around the city.

Kermanshah          Kermanshah

Moreover, this city is one of the most important art production centers of Iran. The most famous traditional musicians of Iran are from this city and surrounding towns. The competition between Sanandaj and Kermanshah over all art areas is known by all Iranians.

Green meadows, remarkable waterfalls, cold mountains, lakes, rivers, small and large rivers, and exceptional animal species are some touristic parts of Kermanshah, distinguishing this city from other cities in western Iran.

Kermanshah         Kermanshah

There are many historical attractions in Kermanshah, some which go back thousands of year ago. Taq Bostan is the most important historical place in Kermanshah, and is usually a part of western tours of Iran in springs and summers.

Traditional shopping centers of Kermanshah are the best location for shopping in the west of Iran. Moreover, there are many boarder markets around this city.

In Kermanshah, which is the largest Kurdish city in west of Iran, people speak Kurdish. According to Iranian Kurds, who have inhabited west of Iran for thousands of years, Kermanshah is the capital of Kurdish cities of Iran. In this regard, the Iranian government has provided a new categorization, in which Iran is divided into five regions and Kermanshah is introduced as the capital of the western region of Iran.


It is suggested that western tours that pass Kermanshah be selected by tourists on their travel to Iran since a few days of stay in this city and its surrounding villages will be an unbelievable experience.

Furthermore, the best time of travel to Kermanshah is from the begging of spring to the first days of fall. It is noteworthy that this is also the best time for travel to the west of Iran.


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