Khaneh Mashrouteh of Isfahan

Khaneh Mashrouteh of Isfahan

Khaneh Mashrouteh of Isfahan, also known as Constitution House of Isfahan, is a historical edifice located next to the Great Naqsh-e Jahan Square, on Neshat Ave in Isfahan, Iran.

The Khaneh Mashrouteh of Isfahan was the venue for a gathering of liberators, people, scholars, intellectuals, and political-cultural leaders in Isfahan to consult and brainstorm on constitutionality, rule, law and civil affairs.
The name of constitutionalism actually includes “legalism” and the state of “democracy” and “consultation.”

Khaneh Mashrouteh of Isfahan           Khaneh Mashrouteh of Isfahan

For this reason, you can familiarize yourself with the activities of constitutionalists in Isfahan by stepping in this house and studying the documents and pictures contained therein.
In addition, significant historical events have taken place in this location that, as part of the culture and history of the city of Isfahan, and indeed the root of some of the developments in today’s life, can be seen thorough it.
In addition to the events of the pre-constitutional period of Mashrouteh, the First World War and the early days of Reza Shah Pahlavi’s reign, this house belonged to Mohammad Taqi Razi Isfahani also known as Sheikh Razi or Muhammad Taghi Iwanki, the head of the Najafi Isfahani dynasty, who was one of the most important figures of that era and father of Mohammad Taghi Najafi Isfahani and Nourallah Najafi Isfahani and Master Sheikh Fazlallah Nouri.

Khaneh Mashrouteh of Isfahan
The third historic attraction of this house is the beautiful architectural landscape of the building which consist of two alcoves on the northern and southern fronts of the building, as well as twelve rooms, which reminiscent of the way of live and customs of our ancestors.

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