Khash County

Khash County

Khash is one of the cities of Sistan and Baluchestan Province. The center of this county is Khash City. According to the 2006 census, the population of this city was 167,851.

Khash County, with an area of 23,105 square kilometers is located in the center of Sistan and Baluchestan province and the distance from the city center to the center of the province is 180 kilometers. It is divided into three districts which are Irandegan District, Central District, and Nukabad District.

Khash County           Khash County

Natural lands include altitudes, rivers, flumes, wells and springs (seasonal and non-seasonal). In terms of dividing the watershed of Iran, Khash county is among five study areas that comprise parts of the three main watersheds, namely, the desert Velt, Jasmourian and Mashkid areas. This range includes:

  • Khash and Poshtkouh plains of Mashkid area
  • Gohar Kouh and Abkhan plains from the catchment area of Dasht-e Lut
  • Range of Irandegan and Caravandar from Jasmourian watershed

In this city almost all water exploitation is carried out by underground water resources, and rivers of the region are generally seasonal.

Khash County           Khash County

Khash city has a warm and dry climate. The average annual precipitation in this city is 174.9 mm and its average temperature varies from 7 ° C to 37 ° C. Taftan mountain rang has the best weather of this region.

Khash County           Khash County

Taftan volcano, Sar darya lake located at Taftan Highlands, Mount Birk in Irandegan, Kousheh Village, Jame Mosque, Berry Tree in the village of Golangor in the Nuk Abad outskirt, Takht Rostam, the old cedar of Sangan, Castle of Irandegan, Castle of Heydarabad, Castle of Naseri Village, The Kamalabad Castle, the Irandegan River, the Carvandar River, the Marantak River, the Guatamak Cave of Irandegan, the Sedaki Cave of Irandegan, the Sak Strait of Irandegan, the seventy-year-old cemetery, the indoor market and Kolkovo’s historic village are among the tourist attractions of the area.

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