Khorramabad is Iran’s twenty-third most populous city and the capital of the Lorestan province. At the 2016 census, its population was 373,416.

The city is situated among the Zagros valleys, at an altitude of 1147.8 meters above sea level. The distance from Khorramabad to Tehran is 490 km and due to its location on the Tehran-South route, it has a strategic importance.

Khorramabad           Khorramabad

In the current location of Khorramabad, there was a city of Elam era in the name of Khaydalu, and the city of Shapur was built on its ruins by the orders of Shapur II, and around the current site of the city.

Monuments of this era indicate that Khorramabad was one of the most important cities of Western Iran during the Sassanid era, and Falak-ol-Aflak or Shapur Khast Fortress is one of the most important monument of the Sassanid era, and symbol of city.

There are numerous historical and natural tourist attractions around the city of Khorramabad, including the Falak-ol-Aflak Castle, Brick Minaret, Shapoori Bridge, the Stone Whirlpool, Inscribed Stone, Baba taher Temple and the Qiu Lake, so that this city is selected for the first time in Iran by the UN Regional Office as a Typical Tourism City. Khorramabad was also one of the seven most prominent cities in Iran’s tourist attraction on the holiday of Nowruz in 2016.

Khorramabad           Khorramabad
The city of Khorramabad has a Mediterranean climate with a high rainfall, especially in the spring and winter season. The existence of groundwater resources and inland springs are remarkable points in the geography of Khorramabad.

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