Kish Safari

Kish Safari

Sports, recreation and tourist complex of Kish safari have been formed with the aim of developing tourism and creating a Pleasant environment for all age groups, especially the youth and tourists of Kish Island. This complex is the first organizer of desert Safari Tours in Iran and has been designed and engineered by Iranian engineers and experts.

Kish Safari          Kish Safari

Safari in the word means exploring in Africa, and it refers to the tour program during which tour participants, through various types of cars or camel, visit spectacular and fascinating places.
Kish Island has a potential talent for this type of tour due to the weather conditions and the suitable location for accommodating tourists.

Kish Safari         Kish Safari
One of the most famous types of Kish safari tours is the desert tour, with its location and its course of motion is the desert points. The types of vehicles used in these tours include two-dimensional and four-axle vehicles such as Land Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser … and even camels.

Off-road track of Kish safari is the perfect environment for motorcycle experience with Buggy, ATV, Trail and the Cross motorcycles. Pars Safari has several standard asphalt tracks that provide the possibility of experience road racing in diverse fields for different ages in safe conditions. Also, the Pars Safari training department will provide training courses in basic and advanced levels through the use of professional instructors in various automotive courses.

Kish Safari

Recreational facilities at this complex include an indoor restaurant, an outdoor restaurant and a coffee shop, as well as exhibition stands for handicrafts of various regions of Iran.

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