Lafour Village

Lafour Village

Lafour Village (Lapour) is one of the villages of northern Savad Kooh County in Mazandaran province in northern Iran.

This village ,from the south, faces the highlands of Alborz, from the west  the Qurantalar area (Babol province), eastwards  the forests leading to the Zirab and Javarem section and from north to the forests leading to the Shirgah area. The Lafour countryside is composed of valleys and heights, the highest point of which is called Burkhany Village, is 651 meters above sea level.

Lafour Village           Lafour Village
Alborz dam has been constructed with a height of 72 meters in the village of Lafour on the Babol river (Babolrood). This earth dam is located in an area that is historically important. Among the famous fishes of the Lafour Dam are Barbel, Scardinius erythrophthalmus and Caspian Kutum from River.
According to new discoveries, evidence of the architecture of the Iron Age was discovered in the archaeological excavations of the Alborz Dam site in Lafour. Following the recent excavations in the Alborz Dam area on the historical hills of the Chashtkhooran, architectural monuments from the era of the Iron Age have been obtained.

Lafour Village           Lafour Village

The monuments from this historic hill include the stone pillars of houses, the oven and the kink storage of food, as well as stone molds and clay for melting of metal. According to archaeologists, early studies on these monuments show that the people of this region succeeded in achieving an advanced method of baking pottery in various forms and melting metals. Two cemeteries dating back to early Islam were discovered in the area, in which the bodies were buried with bricks with wooden coffins with ferrule and known graves.

Lafour Village           Lafour Village
Lafour forests, 40 million years old, and the remainder of the Jurassic era, have 80 species of woody plants and numerous species of animals, which are an excellent experience for tourists.

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