Lalehzar is a city located in the Bardsir city of Kerman province. Based on the general census of population and housing in 2011, the population of this city was 2,945 (786 households). The city of Lalehzar can be considered as the highest city of Iran at the height of 2775-3000 meters above sea level, famously known as the roof of Iran.


The climate of the city is cold and mountainous. This city is located on the slopes of the Mountains and has an altitude of 2775-3000 meters above sea level. It is located next to one of the highest mountains in Iran. The height of Mount Lalehzar is over 4,300 meters. This mountain is covered with medicinal herbs and the most famous medicinal plant in this area is “Zaravi”, which is valuable in traditional medicine.


Lalehzar is a city with a special nature. The presence of Damask Rose flower farms and abundant gardens have created special conditions for this area.

High quality Rosewater (Golab) is the souvenir of Lalehzar city. Golab Zahra Factory, in Lalazar, is one of the most valuable activities that was founded by Homayoun San’ati Zadeh and his wife Shahindokht Sarlati. There are also a lot of cold seasonal fruits available in this city.


The tourism industry is developing alongside the farms of Damask Rose flower in Lalehzar, in a way that on the holidays of the year, most parts of the city and countryside are crowded.


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