Langarud is a coastal city (the seafront of Chaf and Chamkhaleh) in Gilan Province and close to the city of Lahijan. According to the census of 2011, the population of this city is 74,477 people (23, 864 households).

Langarud         Langarud

The name Langarud was first mentioned in 512 AH in historical texts. This year coincided with the death of Sultan Muhammad, the son of Malek-Shah Aleb Araslan. In the Safavid period, especially during the reign of Shah Abbas I, the city of Langarud was the center of major incidents. The escape of Ahmad Khan, the ruler of Lahijan from Langroud, and the arrest of his family members by the governor of Gilan, Kia Fereydoun, and their delivery to Shah Abbas are among the most important events of this city. Nader Shah chose Langarud to build a naval base and a shipyard in order to suppress the Tatars in east of Mazandaran, as well as to develop trade and access to the sea. Today, this city is one of the beautiful tourist destinations in the Gilan Province.

Langarud         Langarud

The city is situated on a flourishing plain and 10 km from the Caspian Sea, and forest can be seen on its southern foothills. Langarud is located 60 km from Rasht (the provincial capital) and leads from the north to the Caspian Sea and the west to Lahijan, from the east to Rudsar, and from the south to the city of Amlash.

Langarud         Langarud

Some of the attractions of Langroud include:

  • Chamkhaleh Beach which is located 9 km north of Langarud.
  • Beautiful and natural Kiakalaye Lagoon with a variety of seabirds.
  • Tea and citrus gardens of Por-Shokuh
  • Shalang heights
  • Leila-Kuh’ the heaven of ecotourism
  • Mountainous nature of Bolordekan

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