Appeared in priution being made, the publication as a state document was discontinued, of June, and lasted three days, with a morning, afternoon, and evening session. Then I said:"Do you remember your proposition now?"sMra-ba zLa-med said:"Please, do not kill me.


Gross took such a decided stand in favor of venesection more or less fiercely debated in all the more prominent medical journals of our country. THE PHYSICIAN'S CLINICAL RECORD AND CASE BOOK. This method consists in making sections one eighth of an inch thick, then coloring in aniline black, drying on the slide for one or two days, then planing down the cut to the re(iuired thinness with a small plane made for the purpose, or with a razor. Dwight said that the specimen was remarkable as resembling much more closely the muscles of an insect than those of a vertebrate. Meat, Iron and Quinia, that is so say, the most reparative food combined with a reconstituentand anerve tonic par excellence: such is the remarkable composition of this ferruginous preparation, which, in all respects, the constitutive principles of bone and of muscle; it can, therefore, form and regenerate the forces, and this without causing nausea, constipation, or disturbing the digestive organs. When these are defective and the other regions full, we advise lovers to look out, for there is danger ahead." We must protest, however, that if this is the case it is very unfair on the part of Dr. Only a few of the larger hospitals contain laboratories and chemists who are equal to such analyses.

Such pathological facts as these (and also physiological facts) prove the truth of the assertion that irritation of the same part,, and neai'ly of the same kind, may produce a great variety of symptoms; and if this be true of all distant organs of buy the body, it cannot well he otherwise with A third objection which might be stated was: How is it that irritation of the skin, bowels, or other organs, so frequenth' produces no nervous phenomena whatever except local pain? It is another law of reflex action that it sometimes does not take place, even though all the appai-ent conditions for its production are present. In Paris it has shortened the course of the disease from two years to three months. The mouth resembled that of typhoid. In small animals the various heart bruits (abnormal sounds) are often difficult to recognize. Liver is desired this method is much more satisfactory than by palpation. The flap itself is as transparent as the rest of the cornea and of like curve. In some cases where medical treatment does not afford relief, laparotomy should be performed (see Foreign Bodies of the Stomach) and the ulcerated area extirpated (see Gastrotomy, under Foreign Bodies of the Stomach). Lane, bad been from nine to ten purchase days. Godlee, said that Esmarch's bandage had been first tried in the two cases of popliteal aneurism, but the agony was intolerable after some minutes, and each patient could endure no more. A medicine taken to cause purging would cause vomiting instead, and one taken to cause vomiting would cause purging. A few months since there was no appearance of a recurrence. The Nepalese doctor translated the hGram-pa-ti (Treatment of Male and Female), the Chinese doctor translated the sByor-ba'i hPhren-ba (The Wreath of Preparation) and so on. Commonly, with functional suppression of menstruation, appear an unusual pallor and sallowness of countenance, an ana;mic condition of the mucous cheap membranes, and various other indications of impaired health. The online pain and swelling of the knee liad quite subsided. Alkaline treatment had been resorted to with a view of dissolving the stone, but without avail. There existed no words for night and mg day.

Has the surgii amari aliquid of the Privy CouncU decision over-balanced him? Willia:.! cost Baly was born at Lynn, in Norfolk, in ISli. Barker, Lusk, and others, that under ordinary circumstances medicines given to the mother produce no effect on the foetus, and only in rare cases can they be said to be hurtful. Hicks made with reorard to havinor employed the iron injections"a great number of times,""No matter how extensive a man's practice may be, he can scarcely have met with a great number of cases in which the conditions are those which Dr. The mother The autojisy rcveal(Hl:i tumor as above stated; also a rupture of the bladder, body of a man, aged forty years, who had for many years used stimulants of different kinds freely. The medical staff" of Prussia, are paid by government shares to attend the poor competitive examination of the students in the Army Medical School, recently founded order at Chatham, for commissions as army-surgeons, commenced at Fort Pitt, when forty-five candidates presented themselves for examination.

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