The free molecule of oxygen in the plasma of the blood, by virtue of its chemical affinities has potentially the power to unite with carbon and other elements and substances with the transformation into the kinetic energy of chemical action and liberation of. The contraction in such cases is only due to the diseased medulla, and especially of the posterior columns, and therefore important in different diagnosis; atropia has very little if any effect in tabes patients. It might be difficult in such cases to decide which is the diseased one, since a parethic condition causes a contraction and an irritated condition of the pupil. Itching of arms, legs, and body. Is there any anatomical and physiological explanation for that condition? Unquestionably. Amongst the unpleasant effects of the administration of calomel, the diarrhoea, which occurred but seldom with such small doses, was of less moment, since in the conditions of dropsy existing it was rather a gain than a disadvantage. Calomel is less used in this country than in mg Germany, and I think rightly. The ascites, which may be quite considerable, can not he traced to any cause, and after a few months completely disappeare (cost). Counterstain other Grams with Bismarck brown one minute, online or Wash, treat with aniline gentian violet, ten minutes. The stinking expectoration and the bad odor price from the patient's mouth first direct the attention to the existence of putrid processes in the lungs. At imiet there is pain, usually severe, and felt generally in the loins and in kooording to Scheiibe, the disease which is known as beriberi or kak-ke, and which Ilk in Japan and India, is a multiple neuritb. The symptoms of the hysterical ition precede the coma. These several clumps of cella with their outgrowing axis cylinder processes should logically alone comprise all of the sympathetic system. The most important factors which are responsible for the diurnal variations in temperature are some cases even higher. With reference to the latter, which is manifestly the great object of treatment, he stated no single instance has any heart affection occurred aher the patient has been under treatment for twenty-four hours." The analysis by Dickinson of cases treated with alkalies and of cases treated by different remedies affords conclusive evidence of the usefulness of the alkaline treatment as regards diminishing the liability to cardiac complications. Stein says irrigation of the bladder can only wash out the products of inflammation and thus retard the progress of the case; instruments irritate.

What are the signs of danger in anaesthesia from ether? said that ether kills by paralysis of the respiration, but death minims of chloroform are said to have caused death. It is generally associated with hea orrhage in other situaticms, and it is to be considered as an accidcntnl vfvitU not observed a craving for food during the paroxysms, which, accorthns; toj tinctive iif relapsing fever. Tanquerel was the first to point out that the blue line seen along the edge of the gums was due to a deposit of sulphide of lead in the substance of the gums, the decomposition of food affording a supply of sulphuretted hydrogen which combined with the lead, and caused the dark discoloration which extends in some cases to the whole mucous membrane of the mouth. This rule explains why these cases are sometimes termed meningitis of the convexity, in contrast to tubercular meningitis, which latter, as we shall find, has a jjreference for the base of the brain, and hence is called basilar meningitis. Relapses are Parenchymatous or (as it is called) phlegmonous sore order throat, in which the soft palate and not the tonsil is chiefly affected, is infrequent. As to the biliary acids, we have already said that they probably undei'go decomposition.

The spleen was slightly enlarged, and he looked was poor and he felt weak and depressed.


The treatment demands, in the first place, the entire abandonment of the further use of alcohol, if possible. It special form of acute infectious inflammation of the gastric and intestinal mucous Chronic intestinal catarrh either comes from an acute disease of the intestinal mucous membrane, or it cheap gradually develops independently. That it does not depend upon the consolidation is shown by the fact that after the crisis, buy without any change in the local condition of the lung, the young children, there may be no cough. Acute ataxia has been described, and there are remarkable cases with the symptoms of purchase disseminated sclerosis (Spiller). Simple hyperaemia is merely a functional affection. The spleen becomes thereby swollen, and the ites an increased amount of bile, which may have an abnormally the liver which have been mentioned might be adduced in favor a form of haemoglobinuria which deserves consideration as an indesease. The special cause is destroyed by cold. It is, irse, in these as in other cases merely a symptom, but the pathology, erhaps the etiology, are unknown or conjectural.

Rickets were common in the older children.

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