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Lorestan Province is in western Iran and can be appropriate for you in western Tours of Iran. Zagros Mountains almost cover all parts of this province, and making special perspectives in these areas.

Due to the mountainous weather and snowy peaks, there are a lot of extreme intact waterfalls and rivers in this area. The eastern and southeastern parts of Lorestan are very suitable for Nomad Tours in springs and summers to experience the life of these tribes, which inhabit these regions.

The major cities of this region are Azna, Aligudarz, Borujerd, Pol-e Dokhtar, Khorramabad, Dorood, Noorabad, Kuhdasht and Rumshaghan.

The population of Lorestan is over one million and seven hundred and fifty thousand people; hence, it includes 2.3% of the population of Iran.

The weather is very diverse and it is considered to be four seasons. There are three types of weathers; cold mountainous, central humid and southern warm climate.

The extreme difference in the minimum and maximum temperature in Lorestan indicates the unlimited weather variation. Minimum recorded temperature is 35 degrees and the maximum temperature is 47.4°C. For this reason, you can surf across the snowy mountains in the western tour of Iran, and few hours later you can swim in the rivers full of water.


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