Dasht-e Loot

Dasht-e Lut (Lut Desert)

Lut Desert is a desert plain located in southeastern of Iran. It is the best option for Desert Tours of Iran.

Dasht-e Lut is the world’s 25th largest desert containing 10% of vastness of Iran.

Lut Desert is one of the world’s hottest places. Since 2004 and for five consecutive years, the core of this region has been known as the warmest land surface on Earth.

Dasht-e Lut        Dasht-e Lut

The dark and dry color of the surface of the Dasht-e Loot is a main factor for maximum absorption of the heat of the sun in this area, and traveling to this region is not convenient in springs and summers.

The best time for traveling to Lut Desert is at the end of autumns and winters.

There are traces of human habitation on the slopes of the mountains overlooking Dasht-e Lut, which belongs to four thousand years BC.

Dasht-e Lut        Dasht-e Lut

The world’s largest yarding city, the world’s highest sandy pyramids, 40 quaternary volcano cones, wavy sandy areas, the vast plains known as Hamada are the most important attractions in Dasht-e Lut, most of which are unique in the world.

If you decide to travel to Iran in winter, use central and eastern tours and visit this magnificent area. Dasht-e Lut has been inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in the 40th list as the first Iranian heritage site.

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