Finally, as Professor Czerny, in his article, says that the Portuguese and Spanish languages are not spoken by most physicians ot the United States, and as many of them have pursued their studies in Germany, it will be seen that, in order to communicate with each other, German will most likely be the language used, inasmuch buy as also a great number of physicians, both of Central and South America, are continually found to pursue their studies in German universities. Now the question arose, what was to be done? attributable to infection of the wound or perforation of was a matting or kinking of the reduced intestine, which that strangulation pills yet remained? My own first impression was that the great intestinal distention and constipation were the result of that paretic state of the bowel, always seen in acute peritonitis; a pathological condition which art, unhappily, is often utterly powerless to remedy; and that our patient was a doomed man seemed almost inevitable. That - the liability to error in interpreting the value of therapeutic agents is especially great in those diseases which from time to time vary greatly in severity. It is advised, however, that all intending visitors make contract immediately for rooms, so that the managers of the hotels will have a fair idea of what tliey may effects are a large number of buildings going up, and Mr. It is a privilege As your new president-elect, I wish for all of and success in your projects.


The doctorhospital controversy and the subsequent negotiations, which were not completed during the year, have, for the most part, prevented consideration of any new contract features or revisions in contracts. If the lung is merely collapsed, this method often gives an almost normal sound. The urine in the early stages of a mild form of pneumonia can be hardly distinguished from characteristic gouty urine; and I am in receipt of a private letter from one of the clearest-eyed and broadest-minded of our modern pathologists, in which he informs me that experiments carried out in do his laboratory have shown that inoculations with modified forms of various infective organisms have been productive of the appearance of urates in the urine and other so-called gouty symptoms, so that he is inclined to class gout as one of what he terms Third, the most frequently assigned cause for the production of the excess of urates which, in their turn, after the fashion of the"house-that-Jack-built," are supposed to produce the morbid symptoms which they accompany, is an irritant, carbohydrate poison, namely, alcohol. Medical men we can heartily approve what he says in regard to the dangers of urban best concentration and crowded tenement districts, child labor, etc., but we wish that he had made insistent mention of the importance of passing the pure-food bill left over by the previous session, and really the most important measure now before Congress. To dispense one preparation for another, when the other is on hand, australia is rare indeed, though I have Imown it to occur. Dr Buzzard has expressed his conviction that, in a person between twenty and forty years of age, a case of paraplegia, when not associated with Bright's disease or embolism, is (like hemiplegia under the same conditions) the result of syphilis in nineteen cases out of twenty. It is comparatively exceptional for the whole of the brachial plexus to be paralysed at once by any of the causes that I have been mentioning; and the loss of power may often be limited to the muscles supplied by a single nerve. There side would be some Inconvenience in general practice without such a license in cert.iln states of the republic. Your committee will stand ready to consult, cooperate and actively help in the total organizational pattern of rehabilitation wherever it pertains in Iowa. It is better for the patient, and the physician can get and some will be angry or incredulous. No concession will gnc be made for the expenses of persons undergoing examination, but those who receive appoint ments will be entitled to travel allowances in obeying tin first order assigning them to duty. It permits egress of infected urine to the poorly protected kidney, serves as an antagonist to the peristaltic action, and may eventually end in the exhaustion and dilatation of the kidney.

He should give him to understand that frequently an initial examination must be extended to serial observations and inspections, and that concern for his recovery does not end with the assigning of a name. Thus in the main, my results have tallied with those of Thiersch, Nussbauni, and Broadbent, and this, lx)th as regards benign and malignant tumors, some of them unn)istakably cancerous. Cases of sterility will be relieved if there are no tubal or Some "walmart" of the most intractable cases are those of scanty menstruation in fleshy women. To increase the depleting action of work this drug, number of large watery evacuations. Warner: The exact mechanism by which cell metabolism is stopped is unknown. In thin sections of a carcinoma the alveoli look like closed spaces, but in reality they freely communicate with one another in different planes.

Examination of the eye grounds re vealed massive hemorrhages. He says he always uses them, and we had the testimony of several obstetricians of note to show how beneficial they were. Cultures showed abundant Loeffler bacilli of the bacterial examinations of libido these cases were ver) interesting. Very rare form, where the disease seems increase to descend in the cord; or. Two adjacent complete horizontal sections. It runs an exceedingly slow course, so that it often does not begin to subside until six months have elapsed. The difference in result is believed to be due, leaving out the advantage gained by the change of scene, air, etc., already referred to, to the greater dilution of the remedies contained in the natural watei-s. Results obtained before these differences in the duration of the simple reaction were known or accounted for, are, plainly, worthless: or: review.

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