Radiant, coal-oil lamp, slightly and photographed by ordinary transmitted light, either direct from the radiant or condensed by various appliances. Gant, after some remarks on the guidance afforded by cUnical pathological anatomy, lays down the following Principles. We would speak of that which lias to be executed through the opposite nostril, when the nostril of the same side, owing to disease or defective conformation, does not admit of the introduction or evolution of the sound.

In a gentleman, who suffered for a great length of time from what was regarded as a most severe tic douloureux in the face, at first the parts to which the pain was referred retained their natural appearance, but ultimately they became swollen, from an effusion of serum into the cellular texture, and so exquisitely tender that they would not bear I have said that nervous pains are subject to irregular intermissions; but in some instances the intermissions are regular, and the returns of the pain are periodical, like those of an ague or intermitting fever. Puncture by the rectum is bad, because, in performing, a fold of peritoneum is traversed. He eventually recovered, with a lung damaged, but not spoiled; that is, it was generally permeable to ail', and continued to perform its function. On examination, I discovered a strong Iruit at the base of the being othei-wise in good health, and evidently outgrowing the malady, I advised the parents to desist from treatment, and to give him plenty of rest, fi'esh ail", and good food; and I have reason to thinlj he gxaduaUy got over the complaint. Moreover, the infection may proceed by continuity from the throat to the nose, the ear, and other neighboring structures; or it may be that, tlie process of scarlet fever, having been initiated by a specific bacterium, renders the tissues a ready prey to the ordinary pyogenic organisms, and that these pyogenic organisms are the proximal causes of the lesions in some of these tissues. The duties of teaching; but the minister refused me, although I could have appealed to the Council, having been thu-ty-two years jirofessor, and being sixty-two years of age. It is not impossible that he may have some further attack, because, even when the source of irritation is removed, if the nervous tissues have formed the habit of suffering from the nervous explosions that characterize epilepsy, they do not easily unlearn it.

He should be a faithful subject, lest he should practice treachery or treason m the exercise of his profession, review on native or forei-neT serve from what would slay, and to be in accord with God and His peace, and not with the rage and enmity of man to his fellow man.

Recovery followed in eight days. Overcome by the fear of injury.


I shall not refer to the various gynaecological operations that I have performed with its help; the method is specially serviceable in this department of surgery, in which I have found it completely satisfactory. Stein of Frankfort, on the Circulation in the Kidneys; the up of arteries which have left the glomeruli. Following these contractions came others in the muscles of the left leg, and then the boy, if he were not supported, fell to the ground. Further, attention is particularly called to the peculiar fact that in pill all of the cases in which no distention of the joint cavity occurred, as well as in those in which, effusion having taken place, the application of a firm bandage was followed by its rapid disappearance, prompt and decided infection followed the operation, with resulting abscess of the thigh; and on the other hand, the immunity from septic complications in those cases in which no amount of bandaging that could be borne by the patient sufficed to prevent the occurrence of effusion within the joint cavity or led to its rapid In consideration of the facts above set forth, I have been led to materially modify my views concerning the advisability of wiring of the patella as a primary method of treatment in fracture of this bone. Meow - before each dose gargle your mouth and throat carefully with the decoction and vinegar, half and half, ejecting the same afterwards. Nothing more is wanting to show the propriety of the rule degree of responsibility would attach to the medical man who thus ab.sented himself, if any serioiLS calamity, such as the skill of a medical attendant might have prevented, were to happen to the woman duiing the interval which elapsed between his departure and the arrival of another medical attendant? There is one kind of marking of the British soldier to which attention has not been called; we mean the marking of him, when discharged from the service, by means of remedial agents, and for the purpose of preventing his re-admission into the army. Wochenschrift) reviews regards the floating kidney as one which may be detected by palpation. Wild Cherry Leaves: There are several varieties of wild cherries that cause stock poisoning, the most common being choke cherries and the common black cherries. The other legs are moved all right, but this one remains with the foot in one position as if riveted to the Lameness from sprains is recognized by a labored action in carrying the leg forward; the leg is carried farther forward than in health, and is swung outward, flexing the stifle as little as possible. Two particular problems need to be examined.

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