Mesr village

Mesr village

Mesr (the old names: Chah deraz, Josef Kallateh, Josef farm), is a district of Khor and Biabanak county in Isfahan province. This village is located at Kavir desert and 45 kilometers east of Jandagh and 60 kilometers north of Khor. Mesr village or Mesr desrt is located just at halfway of Damghan to Naein and Isfahan.

Mesr village            Mesr village

Its founder was a wealthy shepherd named Josef. Mesr village may not be more than 100 years old. But since everyone knew it as Josef farm and when its subterranean canals were droughty, they made him dig well with English diesel engines.

After year, its underground tables went down and Josef dug a deeper well, so the neighbor villagers named this village Chah deraz.

Mesr village

But since Josef did not like this name and his name was Josef and the story of profit Josef happened in Mesr , he recommended to name it “Mesr”. Villagers who respected him, accepted his suggestion. Josef ordered to build a width street middle the village, at least 500 meters in length. Some villagers believed that their village was too small and there was no need to such a width street, but he told them their village would be very famous and crowded soon. His forecast came true and today a lot of tourists come to visit Mesr village so that it is one of the important tourism destinations of Iran.

At the front of village there are two small rooms opposite of each other that inside one there is a big generator to supply the electricity of Mesr and its neighbor village (Farahzad).  The other room is the only village store equipped with landline phone. But today people can use cellphone to communicate.

Mesr village            Mesr village

Mesr tourism attractions are deep water well, verdurous desert and planting Gaz trees to prevent flints from movement , a boulevard 50 meters in width middle of the village, old and traditional houses renewed for tourists settlement, motor riding , camel riding in desert and green , width canebrakes located at 5 of village and sand dunes around them. Many foreign tourists come to visit these wonders middle of the central Kavir of Iran. Numerous Iranian and foreign astronomers choose this place to their astronomical workshops an d many photographers use this beautiful and wonderful images to take picturies.

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