Milad Tower

multi-purpose telecommunication tower

Milad Tower

Milad Tower is the name of a multi-purpose telecommunication tower located in the northwest of Tehran, the capital of Iran.

Milad tower, with a height of 435 meters, is the tallest tower in Iran, the sixth-tallest telecommunication tower in the world, and the ninth-longest tangent structure of the world.

Milad Tower

This tower, with 13,000 meters of infrastructure, is ranked the first tower in terms of the size of the functional structure. The Milad Tower, due to its great height and its distinctive appearance, it is visible almost everywhere in Tehran, and hence one of the symbols of the capital of Iran.

Milad Tower        Milad Tower

Some people believe that this tower was built on the fault of the Qods Town of Tehran. The Milad Tower is located between a hill with an approximate area of 62 hectares, in the south of Shahrak-e Gharb and north of Kuy-e Nasr (Gisha) in 2nd district of Tehran. In terms of geographical coordinates, tower structure is at 51 degrees, 22 minutes and 32 seconds east longitude and 35 degrees, 44 minutes 40 seconds north latitude.

The main functions of the tower are as follows:

Milad Tower

  • Creating and expanding wireless access network
  • Creating the appropriate infrastructure for new televisual system
  • Optimize radio and television coverage
  • Meteorological applications and traffic control
  • Develop and optimize the coverage of wireless and coaxial cable networks

Creating tourism attraction and benefit of the space tourism, commercial and cultural centers, revolving restaurant, VIP restaurant, open and closed observation platform, artifacts, sky dome, Museum of Persian Celebrities, Municipal Gifts Museum, Food court, business units, exhibition and facilities spaces such as the International Conference Center with 15 different halls, Dolphin Park, Paintball, 7D Cinema, Two cinema halls, Laserium, Traditional Restaurant, Cascade Cafe and …

Milad Tower

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