Monar Jonban

Monar Jonban

The reputation of Monar Jonban building 9 meters in width and 17 meters of high of each minaret, due to shaking its minarets.

If one of the minarets is shaken, the other minaret and the whole building will shake as well. The iwan was built in the style of Mongol and it has remained tilework of that era.

But the shape of the minarets shows that they probably have added to the iwan at the end of the Safavid period. In the past, Monar Jonban was separated from the city, and it was located in a village called Carladan.

Monar Jonban

Today, however, this building is located in Isfahan, near the Nasr Abad district. The building is decorated with azure tiles in the shape of a quadrangle star and other shapes have been found in the form of azure polygons.

Another wonder of that time was the construction of this monument, it was built about 800 years ago, as it mentioned before, the date of the Monar Jonban of Isfahan dates back to the period of the Ilkhanate (654-736 hijri) And dates back to 1256-1353 AD.

Monar Jonban          Monar Jonban

The moving minarets of Monar Jonban was questionable to scientists for a long time. The mysterious architecture of this building remains uncertain for many.

The most logical reason for moving minarets is the physical phenomenon of the resonance phenomenon. Because the minarets have the same architectural style, the shaking of one effects on the other one. But the reason of the shacking of the minaret is still uncertain.

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