Mond Protected Area

Mond Protected Area

Mond Protected Area is situated in the Bord Khun section of the Deyr County, in Bushehr province, 130 km south of Bandar Bushehr.

The Mond area is at the south of the Mond River and leads to the Persian Gulf. The Persian Gulf coastal strip extends from the mouth of the river Mond to the Puze Masheh to the south, leading to the village of Melganzeh and the Quadruple islands.

Mond Protected Area         Mond Protected Area

The northwest of the Mond Protected Area is a safe place which starts from the non-residential villages of Shalak and Zirrud in the south of the Mond River to the path of the old Shushe Bord Khun and from there to the road leading to the coast of Khor Khan and includes the promontory and the island of Khan to the northern coasts of the Persian Gulf.

Deyr-Nakhiloo Marine National Park with a 20,000-hectare area, which is known as the Paradise of Birds, was registered in as an independent Marine National Park in February 2011, due to its separation from the southern part of the Mond Protected Area.

Mond Protected Area         Mond Protected Area

The protected area has two different ecosystems, aquatic and drought, and includes the following habitats:

  • The southern margin of the Mond River (one quarter of the area) is a plain that consists of pastures and vegetation which is the home of deer.
  • The mouth of the Mond River and the submarine beds of the sea and the islands are the habitat of bird species such as Flamingo.
  • Hara trees are located in the southwest and is the habitat of aquatic migratory birds like cormorants; and is a suitable place for fish and shrimp laying.
  • The central and eastern area is a desert with a weak vegetation of salty species.


  • The four major islands of the Persian Gulf coast including the habitats of turtles, birds and sea swallows, and is the location of the nesting and laying of them in the protected area of ​​Mond.


These islands are from north to south, respectively:

  • Isle of Omsileh (Khan)
  • Tahmado Island (Jibrin)
  • Nakhiloo Island
  • Ommolkorm Island

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