Mount Soffeh

Mount Soffeh

Mount Soffeh is the mountain of the Zagros mountains, which is situated the southern end of Isfahan. This mount has 100 hectares of green area. Mount Soffeh is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Isfahan.

It hosts numerous nature lovers, especially young people on Friday mornings. Also, the view of the city of Isfahan from the slopes and above this mountain is very spectacular.

Mount Soffeh           Mount Soffeh

The Wind Canyon (Tangeye Gardaneye Bad) is also a natural attraction of the region. In this area, there are the bowling hall with an area of about 1000 square meters, a zoo, the amusement park, caves and various fountains.

The Cable transport (gondola lift) of Soffeh in is one of the tourist attractions of Soffeh park, and it has two lines. Its first station is located in the parking of cable transport, which raises passengers to the Gardaneye Bad station.

Mount Soffeh           Mount Soffeh

One of the important features of Mount Soffeh is the existence of huge and tall rocks in different parts of the it, in terms of professional mountaineering and training the rock climbing training, which has created a great opportunity for expanding the climbing sport in the Isfahan region.

In recent years, the services of climbing activities have improved due to the conversion of the Khachik Cafe to the shelter, climbing base and modifying difficult routes.

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