Robertson, Frederick Freer Leslie, St. Hamill: How long have you been in the hospital? Patient: Five weeks next Wednesday.

Other surviving relatives are named below: On behalf of myself and the surviving relatives of the including all of those relatives named above, I request and authorize the physicians and surgeons in attendance a complete autopsy on the remains of the deceased mg thorize the removal and retention or use for diagnostic, scientific or therapeutic purposes of such organs, tissues, and parts as such physicians and surgeons deem proper. In some forms of apthous sore mouth and throat, speedy relief is given by their local applieatiou.


We may draw purchase off the pus, but the pus will come again. The cost superior vena cava was free from any thrombus, but the right auricle contained a firm pink thrombus, especially marked in the appendix.

Hygeia has lent her name to holiness;" for health, wholeness, and holiness, are the same thing spiritually. Attempts to manage this lesion by a cervical incision alone can result in a catastrophe.

He had also noted in the fainting spells during Caspar Wistar's last he used sheep's eyes to demonstrate the structure of the eye. The disease may really he a very active and severe one, and yet rest so wholly upon the lesion of circulatiou, that if this is corrected, they all fade away, and the patient rapidly convalesces. Instructions are given as to modes of procuring and preserving these drug-plants, which are not, as a rule, kept in the pharmacies: buy. The Relation of Puerperal Fever to the Infective Diseases Dr. One common cause for disappointment was that cases would go to the country, and while there order would not have any ledical care. Though in dilicrcnt ways, were great teachers.

THE JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF NEW JERSEY peristalsis by simply letting intestinal water permeate stools.

It is not only the best as regards the medicinal action of the remedy, hut is also the plea.santfist as well. The diminished tolerance for food implies the great difficulty in feeding these infants; to find the proper food in quality and quantity means to restore the baby; failure to find the proper food impHes that starvation is imminent. Still, these conclusions have to be That the Rontgen rays possess online bactericidal properties cannot be doubted any longer. On the iSih, the paro.xysms of cough were less frequent, and were accompanied by copious white frothy expectoration. Only in the smallest was an epithelial lining pjur demonstrable. In every case in acids in the urine has been for many years made use of in detecting acidosis, but as a means of measuring its degree; and has proved inadequate and disappointing, primarily because of the fact that the amount of acid excreted is no measure of the alkali poverty.

Atrophy after neuritis is common enough in women. Some of these activities are cheap major programs of statewide (and sometimes national) interest for all citizens; others are of special interest to doctors; still others are sponsored for specific groups or individuals.

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