Narin Castle

Narin Castle

Narin Castle or Narenj Castle is the most important and spectacular historical building in Meybod. This castle, located on top of a hill overlooking the city, has a total area of ​​3 hectares and has 7 floors and a tower and several towers and ramparts. The diameter of the lowest fortress is 5m and in some places it reaches 20 meters.

The Narin Castle has 4 rounded towers, and what remains of it today is the central part of it, as well as signs of its towers and ramparts in the Small village (Kushk village). The village of Kushch or Small is the closest village to the castle, and most of it is covered with gardens, aqueduct and water mills.

Narin Castle         Narin Castle

Narin Castle had many nesting rooms that today, parts of these rooms are present, and many of them are still not discovered because of being placed in the lower floors and collapses of corridors.

Narin Castle         Narin Castle

Some people see this ancient castle as the beginning of the Yazd‘s development. The castle has seen many conflicts and wars.

This castle is one of the buildings of the Parthian period (before Islam) and there were some repairs during the Muzaffarids period. In Muharam 744, a fateful war took place in which al-Muzaffar won against the Chopanian. There is a ditch around the castle, and the underlying burrows sometimes extended up to 7 km.

Narin Castle

The castle, made entirely of brick and mud, was used at various historical periods as a state or military fortress. The peak of the power of the castle is in the pre-Islamic period relates to the Sassanid era, and then to the period of Al-Muzaffar.

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