Nasouri Castle

Nasouri Castle

Nasouri Castle is located in Bandar Taheri city, a central part of the central district of Kangan city. It is one of the monuments and landmarks of Boushehr province in southern Iran.

Nasouri Castle is located 250 km east of Bushehr province. The Nasouri Castle, also known as the Sheikh Castle, belongs to the early Qajar period. The Castle was built by the order of Sheikh Jabbar Nasouri about 180 years ago, and the architect was Ali Asghar Shirazi. Used materials are large stones, clay and plaster.

Nasouri Castle

The Castle has a large wooden carved gate, which is the main entrance to the castle and it opens from the south to the Persian Gulf. After the main entrance, there is a large octagon, with eight simple niches. On the northern front, a row of stairs leads to the second floor and a simple wooden door connects it to the Andaruni. On the West front, a staircase also goes to the second floor. On this floor there is a balcony with stone pillars and stucco.

This building has a louver like the louvers in the Persian Gulf Coastal buildings. This building has the architectural features of Qajar era. The castle has a porch with several pillars on the second floor. The stucco decorations are related to this part. Their style of work is similar to those of the Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz. Stucco consists of flower foliage, bushes, angels and birds that have added to the The Nasouri Castle’s thriving and beauty.

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