National Garden

National Garden

The National Gardens is a remnants of the Qajar era, renovated by Jafar Khan Kashani from 1301 to 1304 and is now one of the symbols of Tehran. This building is located on the northern side of Imam Khomeini Street, on the eastern side of the Foreign Ministry and on the western side of the Post and Telegraph Museum.
Before the foundation of Azadi Tower, this gate was known as a symbol of the city of Tehran.

National Garden          National Garden
The portal of the national garden, and then the buildings adjacent to it, was built on the direct order of Reza Shah and by Ja’far Khan Kashani and the help of the Germans (before the arrival of World War II) in Tehran, which was the capital.

This portal was built on the eastern side of the previous portal with the same dimensions and appearance, and then the previous portal was destroyed.

National Garden          National Garden
The portal has a large passageway in the middle and two sidewalks on both sides. In the exterior, there are poems from Nadim al-Mulk, tiles with painting of two lions that have crowns, leopards, lion and sun, guns and cannonballs.
The interior facade has the following designs: the scene of Tehran’s capture in the 1299 coup near the gates and towers of Tehran (probably the gate of Qazvin), the full-height version of the soldiers of the Kazakh Legion, the machine gun and the Angle of Victory, which has been adapted more or less from the carvings of Tagh Bostan.
All three doors have cast iron gates made by Master Mohammad Ali Kermani in Tehran’s Ghoor Khaneh.

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