Neyasar is one of the cities of Kashan in the center of Iran. The old Garden City is located in the Neyasar district of Kashan city, Isfahan province.

Neyasar          Neyasar

The most important ancient site of this region is the Quarterly calendar monument (temple of Neyasar). Neyasar Waterfall is also one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran, which has created a verdurous environment in the Sar-e-Kamar district of Neyasar. The Festival of Rose and Rose Water (Golabgiri), which operates annually in Ordibehesht (first of May) attracts many tourists to this historical city.

Neyasar          Neyasar

The historical and natural sites of Neyasar are including the historical cave of the Raeis and its ancient layers, the Sassanid Temple, historical texture with various public and residential buildings, vast and beautiful gardens, and its location on the slopes of the mountain, the Alexandria Spring, and the famous waterfall of Neyasar, and the gardens and pavilion hall, has turned the city into the one of the historical and tourism destination of the country.

Neyasar          Neyasar

This city attracts tourists and Tourism tours from all over the country every year, especially during the Festival of Rose and Rose Water.

Nowadays there is a ceremony in Neyasar, which is the remains of ancient rituals, such as sacrifice the decorated cow at the Feast of the Sacrifice, and the Sepandarmazgan. In the old books, this city is Niasster.

Neyasar          Neyasar

The Festival of Rose and Rose Water is another attraction of the city of Neyasar, which begins in middle of May, and due to its geographical location, the damask rose grows earlier than elsewhere in Kashan.

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