Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Ahvaz

Arrive in Iran before 10 o’clock.

8 Nights & 9 Days

3,4,5 star Hotels


Day 1 - Tehran

We are waiting for you at Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport, and after leaving the airport we are checking in to a 4-star hotel in Tehran. After lunch at hotel, the city tour of Tehran begins. The first place to visit is Sa’dabad Palace which could be a good choice to start this tour. After that, we visit Niavaran Palace and at the night we will visit Milad Tower, which will also be held at this place. In addition, dinner is served in this place.

DAY 2 - Tehran

The second day is also dedicated to sightseeing in Tehran. The plan is to visit Golestan Palace and Grand Bazaar of Tehran in the morning. We be guests of the famous restaurant in bazaar for lunch. It is scheduled to visit National Museum of Iran which will take 2 hours of tourist time. Tourists will be returned to the hotel to be prepared for the active programs of the third day.

DAY 3 - Isfahan

On the morning of third day, after serving breakfast, we move to Isfahan. we have a 2-hour journey. Before arriving to Isfahan, we stop in Kashan. We will eat lunch after visiting Fin Garden, we spend a few hours in Kashan. We go to surf in the city and we visit some tourist attractions like Borujerdis House and Tabātabāei House. After that we go back to the hotel for some rest in a 4-star hotel of Isfahan.

DAY 4 - Isfahan

Chehel Sotoun and Naqsh-e Jahan Square are selected locations to be visited as the morning tour of the fifth day, after breakfast we move towards to them. In the region of Naqsh-e Jahan Square, we visit famous buildings such as Ali Qapu, Imam Mosque (Shah), and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. We eat lunch at one of the restaurants around the square. After a brief rest beside the large ponds of this square, we go shopping in traditional markets. We spend the night together by Zayanderud river and see Si-o-seh pol Bridge.

DAY 5 - Isfahan

On the morning of the fifth day, we visit the Monar Jonban and the Vank Cathedral, and after that tourist are free to take a walk in the city of Isfahan. They can enjoy their lunch either inside or outside the hotel. We will move to the Mount Soffeh, and we will stay there until dinner.

DAY 6 - Shiraz

On the morning of the sixth day, we have flight to Shiraz, and will be there before 10 am. After checking in a hotel, we get ready for city tour before the lunch. The plan of this day is to visit Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bazaar, Saraye Moshir. We eat lunch in one of the best traditional restaurants of Shiraz, and after a short break, we see the Nasir ol Molk Mosque which is one of the most amazing historical mosques of Iran.  In the afternoon, tourists are free, they can go to surf in Shiraz.

DAY 7 - Shiraz

The seventh day includes the visitation of the most visited tourist attraction in Iran, such as Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rustam, and Pasargadae. These sites are very important, for visiting them we drive to the north of Shiraz which is 1-hour journey. We will be in this place until the afternoon, and then we return to Shiraz. You will probably be tired after one-day walking, therefore, we go straight to the hotel and you will be free to spend the night in Shiraz.

DAY 8 - Ahvaz

Ahvaz is our next destination. In the first hours of eighth day, we will fly to Ahvaz. After checked in to the hotel, we move towards to Susa. Before lunch we visit the Apadana Palace, the Susa Museum, the Castle of Susa and the Tomb of Daniel, and after lunch we go to the Chogha Zanbil, which is one of the most extraordinary ancient Iranian buildings. The next plan is to return to Ahvaz and a city tour in this vivid city of southern Iran.

DAY 9 - Ahvaz

On the ninth day, we move to another important center of tourism in Khuzestan province. Visiting the Shushtar can lasts all day long. The distance of Shushtar from Ahvaz is about 1 hour, which means we can see the set of Waterfalls and Watermills of Shushtar in early hours of the morning. We stay there until the sunset, and after that we return to Ahvaz due to be prepared for Ahvaz to Tehran flight, to return to the capital of Iran and finish our journey.


3⭐️ Hotel

2 PAX = 1560 USD

3-30 PAX = 1499 USD

4⭐️ Hotel

2 PAX = 1760 USD

3-30 PAX = 1599 USD

5⭐️ Hotel

2 PAX = 1960 USD

3-30 PAX = 1899 USD

    • Consist of :


      • Breakfast in hotel
      • all tickets (airplane, museum, transportation and etc.)
      • hotel accommodation with breakfast
      • four meals
      • visa services
      • catering and snack
      • city tours
      • alcohol-free beverages


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