Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan, Hamadan, Sanandaj, Kermanshah

Arrive in Iran before 10 o’clock.

14 Nights & 15 Days

3,4,5 star Hotels


Day 1 - Tehran

Like most tours in Iran, we are waiting for you at Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport. After checking in to a 4-star hotel in Tehran and eating lunch, the half-day tour of Tehran begins. Our first tour is Tehran for better acquaintance with Iran. Therefore, Tehran city tour begins in the afternoon of the first day, and busy areas such as Tabiat Bridge and Milad Tower are selected for this day. In addition, dinner is served in the restaurant at the top of Milad Tower, which provides you with a wonderful view of colors and lights of Tehran at night.

DAY 2 - Tehran

After eating breakfast at the hotel, Tehran city tour continues and the first place to visit is Golestan Palace. After visiting Golestan Palace, tourists spend some time in the National Museum of Iran. Following that, tourists pass the crowded corridors of Grand Bazaar of Tehran. Lunch is served in one of the famous restaurants in the bazar, following by walking around in cafes and backstreets until the Afternoon. After that, tourists go back to their hotel for a rest. No plan is schedule for night, so that tourists can be able to spend their time to their liking.

DAY 3 - Tehran - Shiraz

On the morning, there is a tour in the north of Tehran, which has a mild and pleasant climate. The plan is to visit Niavaran and Sa’dabad Complexes in the morning. After a short walk, tourists are returned to the hotel for check-out and travel to Shiraz. After arrival in Shiraz, tourists are checked in to a 4-star hotel in the city and becomes prepared for an attractive touristic day as the fourth day.

DAY 4 - Shiraz

The whole day will be spent in Shiraz. Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bazaar, Saraye Moshir and Nasir ol Molk Mosque are selected locations to be visited as the morning tour. At noon, lunch is served in one of the best traditional restaurants of Shiraz. For afternoon, it is scheduled to visit Hafeziyeh (Tomb of Hafez) and Tomb of Saadi, which have special attraction for art and literature lovers. Tourists will be returned to the hotel before 21:00 o’clock in the night, and it is necessary to relax in order to be energetic for future programs, which are extremely exciting.

DAY 5 - Shiraz - Yazd

After breakfast, tourists are checked-out from the hotel to go to the Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rustam, and Pasargadae. Visiting these historical places, which are the best tourist attractions of Iran, lasts until afternoon. After that, the tour continues toward Yazd. The best part of the fifth tour day is arriving to the Zeinodin Caravanserai. This desert caravanserai offers a very special accommodation in the center of the desert of Iran for its guests, and almost all guests are surprised during their staying at this remarkable place. The fifth day ends with spending the night at Zeinodin Caravanserai.

DAY 6 - Yazd

Tourists spend their time around the Zeinodin Caravanserai until noon, and travel toward Yazd after lunch. The tour arrives to Yazd at three o’clock, and before checking in, the tourists visit Amir Chakhmaq Complex. In addition, the bazars around the square are visited. After that, tourists are checked in to one of the best traditional hotels of Yazd, so that a special seventh tour day can be provided.

DAY 7 - Yazd

On the morning of the seventh day after breakfast, there is a 1-hour trip to one of the most amazing Zoroastrian fire temples, called Chak chak Temple. Tourists stay in this place until lunchtime and go back to Yazd for lunch. Dolatabad Garden, Jame Mosque of Yazd and Zoroastrians fire temple are the selected old structured to be visited in the afternoon and night.

DAY 8 - Isfahan

Early in the morning we move from Yazd to Isfahan and we have a 5-hour journey. We stop in Nain, and we eat lunch after the city tour and visiting the attractions of this city. Then we return to Isfahan again. After arriving to Isfahan, first we go to the hotel for a short rest and we spend the night by city tour and walking through the beautiful streets of Isfahan till we arrive to the most famous bridge of Isfahan, Si-o-seh pol.

DAY 9 - Isfahan

On the ninth day, we go to surf in Isfahan. Visiting the Chehel Sotoun and Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Ali Qapu, Imam Mosque (Shah) and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque which are the most popular and unique monuments of Isfahan are planned in morning program. We eat lunch in Naqsh-e Jahan Square and we surf in these traditional markets. After that we go back to the hotel for some rest to get ready for night plans which include visiting the Zayanderud, Choobi Bridge and Khaju Bridge.

DAY 10 - Isfahan

We spend the tenth day in Isfahan. After breakfast our programs will be: visiting the Vank Cathedral and Monar Jonban. After after lunch and city tour, we go to Mount Soffeh, which is located 25 kilometers from Isfahan. At sunset, we surf in this area. Then we return to our hotel to get ready for a long journey in the Iranian Plateau.

DAY 11 - Kashan - Hamedan

Early in the morning, we check-out our hotel to continue our journey. We move from Isfahan to Kashan and we arrive in this city about two hours later. After visiting the sites such as Fin Garden, Borujerdis House, Tabātabāei House and after eating lunch in Kashan, we have a 5-hour trip to Hamedan, and due to tiredness of our trip we will rest in a hotel. But don’t worry! The twelfth day will be full of exciting events.

DAY 12 - Hamadan

After breakfast, we go straight to the Ali-Sadr Cave in Hamedan and we stay there until noon. After that we go to Hamedan and we eat lunch there. After lunch, we visit the highlands of Ganjnameh, and we see the ancient inscriptions of Hamedan. Then we have an excursion Ganjnameh tourist village. We will be there until the end of the day. And we have city tour of Hamedan including tomb of Baba Tahir and Avicenna at night.

DAY 13 - Sanandaj

On the morning, we move to Sanandaj. We arrive to there 2 hours later, but before we enter to Sanandaj, we go to the Abidar Forest Park in Sanandaj and we eat lunch in this park. After lunch, we go to the highlands of Sanandaj and then we go to the Hassanabad Castle. After visiting this castle in the village with the same name, we arrive in Sanandaj and spend one night in this city.

DAY 14 - Kermanshah

After breakfast we go to Kermanshah, but before entering to Kermanshah, we stop by Bisotun. This stop can last 2 to 3 hours and we have to eat lunch in Kermanshah. After a short break there, we move towards the Taq Bostan, which is another famous attraction around Kermanshah. We spend the night in a hotel in Kermanshah.

DAY 15 - Kermanshah - Tehran

For the last day of thetrip we planned the visitation of the Temple of Anahita. After returning from this program, we will be ready to fly to Tehran and convoy you to leave Iran.


3⭐️ Hotel

2 PAX = 3099 USD

3-30 PAX = 2799 USD

4⭐️ Hotel

2 PAX = 3399 USD

3-30 PAX = 3079 USD

5⭐️ Hotel

1 night
4⭐️ Hotel

2 PAX = 3879 USD

3-30 PAX = 3499 USD

  • Consist of :


    • Breakfast in hotel
    • all tickets (airplane, museum, transportation and etc.)
    • hotel accommodation with breakfast
    • four meals
    • visa services
    • catering and snack
    • city tours
    • alcohol-free beverages


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