Persepolis is one of the ancient cities of Iran, which for many years has been the capital of the ceremonial and glorious kingdom of Iran during the Achaemenid Empire.

In this ancient city there is a palace which is called Persepolis, this palace was built during the reign of Darius the Great, Xerxes and Artaxerxes I, and It has been habitable for about 200 years.

persepolis          persepolis

On the first day of the New Year, many groups from different countries, on behalf of satraps or governorates, gathered in the Persepolis, and presented their gifts to the king.

In 518 BC, the construction of Persepolis began as the new Achaemenid capital in Pars. The founder of Persepolis was Darius the Great, after him, his son Xerxes and his grandson, Ardashir I expanded this complex.

Many of the existing knowledge about the Achaemenid background and their culture is available due to stones and metal inscriptions which engraved in these palaces and on the walls and tablets.


Naqsh-e Rustam is located about 12 km northwest of Persepolis. In this place there is several Royal tombs such as Darius the Great / Xerxes / Ardashir I and Darius II. There is also a fifth tomb that remains half-finished and probably belongs to Darius III.

Persepolis is situated in the center of Fars province and it is about 10 km north of Marvdasht and 57 km from Shiraz. Persepolis is 1770 meters above sea level.

The eastern side of this complex is on the Mount of Mercy and on the other sides are on the Marvdasht plain. Persepolis is located on a rocky platform, its height is between 8 and 18 m above Marvdasht plain surface.

persepolis          persepolis

The area of Persepolis is 455 meters (western front), 300 meters (north face), 430 meters (eastern front), 390 meters (south side). The length of the Persepolis is equal to the length of the Acropolis in Athens, but its width is four to five times higher than the Acropolis.

There is a large inscription of Darius the Great on the wall of the southern front of Persepolis, which shows us there is no construction in this place before. The total area of the Palace of Persepolis is 125 thousand square meters.

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